The Best Interview Preparation Tools For Applicants

Finding a job can often feel overwhelming, especially when it’s time for interviews. Luckily, there are many tools out there to help you get ready, perform well, and leave a lasting impression during your interviews. This blog post will talk about the best tools available that can really help job seekers shine and land the job they want.

1. is a cool platform for people looking for tech jobs. It allows you to practice technical interviews anonymously with engineers from big-name tech companies. The best part about is that it focuses on how you perform rather than what’s on your resume or your background. You get feedback in real time, which helps you see what you’re good at and what you need to work on. This is super helpful for anyone wanting to get better at coding and solving technical problems just like in a real interview.

2. Pramp

Pramp is another great tool, but it works a bit differently. It’s a peer-to-peer platform, which means job seekers can practice not just technical interviews, but also behavioral and case interviews with others in similar fields. You get matched with peers for live practice interviews and get feedback on how you did right away. Pramp is great because it’s not just for one kind of job—it has something for software engineers, data scientists, and product managers, making it a useful tool for a wide variety of job seekers.

3. Big Interview

Big Interview is a web-based program that provides training and practice to help people get better at job interviews. Created by expert recruiters and interview coaches, it teaches both how to handle questions about your behavior and your technical abilities. There’s a tool for practicing interviews that mimics real-life situations. It gives you immediate advice on how you’re using your hands, how you talk, and what you say.

4. HireVue

HireVue is mainly used by companies for doing video interviews, but it’s also a tool job seekers can use to practice. Many companies have practice questions or simulations on HireVue, helping people get used to talking on video. This kind of practice makes it easier for job seekers to come across as confident and prepared during the real interview.

5. MindTools

MindTools MindTools provides lots of resources aimed at improving communication, leadership, and handling stress, along with other important soft skills. For those applying for jobs, being good at these skills is particularly important for answering interview questions about your behavior. Through MindTools’ articles, quizzes, and videos, you get practical tips to better talk about what you have achieved and what you’re good at.

Ready to start prepping?

Prepare for your interview by clicking the links on the above tools. We believe all of them are good quality and believe you’ll improve your skills with any of them!