The 3 best ways to standout with employers that you need to start doing!

Competing for jobs has become more exteremely difficult throughout the years. Getting a job gets harder and it may seem that it’s hopeless but fear not. We have a great guide for you to stay ahead.

In this post we give you the best ways to standout and defeat your competition:

Create a unique and quality portfolio

Creating a portfolio of your work is one of the best ways to get hired over other applicants. Portfolios demonstrate your capabilities and your real potential for employers.

It’s hard for an employer to know who you are, what you do and why they should pick you over another applicant but portfolios hightlight why you’re the right candidate simply by looking at your work!

Keep in mind that it’s best to place the best work you’ve made on your portfolio and keep out the work your less proud of. However if done right you could create a narrative for how you improved over the years and many employers would love to see your journey. Just be careful using this method though as the wrong placement can result in employers not realizing your true skill and potential.

Network and Get Social Proof!

Nowadays networking and social proof goes along way. People need to know your trustworthy and being well connected goes a long way. Think about it would you trust someone a lot of people vouch for but you don’t know? Maybe. How about someone you’ve never heard of and no one’s vouching for. Most likely not.

Employers sadly can’t meet everybody so your personality isn’t able to fully shine through. This is why we recommend getting referrals or asking people who enjoyed your work to give a testimonial on your website or social media. This makes others see that you’re someone who they can trust with their business as others. You can create a narrative that you’re someone who gets the job done and right while also being great to work with!

This will give employers a positive reception of you from the get go and help you with your employment journey.

Get great photos of yourself online!

Ever heard that photos speak louder than words? Well we believe this is true and you should too.

Imagine a world where all you saw from products was just text before you bought it. It probably be very hard for you to feel out what you were most likely buying. For example if you saw a text description of candy you’d see a lot of the same text and it probably have trouble catching your attention. Now have you ever bought something based off it’s packaging? According to studies and sales figures of many companies. YES.

We all like a geat packaged product and you should apply the same ideas to your own personal brand as well. Being put together is more than most individuals already, so don’t worry about looking like a model. Anyone can take a great photo or hire a photographer to up their game.

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