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Many job candidates and hiring managers think interviews are cross examinations when an interview is actually a sales call. An iBest presentation communicates how your background, experience, and skills matches the critical requirements of the job and why you are an excellent candidate for the position.

Use an iBest presentation to sell yourself into your next job!

iBest is an innovative, online presentation preparation process that prepares job seekers and candidates for their next interview. Interview presentations have been used in hundreds of interviews. Click here to see a representative sample of interview presentations. As you review the presentations you will see each presentation visually communicates the following important information:

  • The candidate's personal brand terms (on cover and at bottom of each page)
  • An interview company logo for customization and to communicate professionalism
  • A list of critical job requirements
  • The candidate's match with the critical job requirements
  • Additional Areas of Expertise the candidate brings to the position (the candidate's differentiators)
  • Success Stories - Examples of when the candidate was at their best
  • Personal Success Factors - Strengths and personal traits that make the candidate successful on the job
  • A 30/60 day Strategic Action Plan for providing value to the company quickly
  • A summary of the benefits the candidate provides and why they are the best choice for the position
  • Powerful closing questions that demonstrate knowledge of the job, company, industry

These presentation were developed using expert libraries in the InterviewBest presentation program. Expert libraries provide hundreds of position specific items that can be selected, included in your presentation, and edited for exact fit. Using the expert libraries these presentations were developed quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Using these presentations candidates were well prepared for the interview, far more confidant, impressed the interviewers and in most interviews... landed the job!



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